New Jersey has legalized online casino gambling across the state. NJ Online casinos became legal on 26th February 2013 and since then many exciting online casinos have sprung up that are fully legal to play at in New Jersey. The bill A2578 had broad support across both chambers of the New Jersey legislature with the State Senate voting 35 to 1 and the State Assembly voting 68 to 5 in favor. The US Supreme court has also now taken the decision to legalize sports betting on a federal level across the US.

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The New Jersey State Constitution includes laws on online gambling in section VII, which have been updated with the addition of the new online gambling bill. The amendment to allow online casinos means huge benefits for casino players and for the state of NJ. Benefits include a huge amount of tax revenue for the state, an increased amount of support and promotion for Atlantic City land-based casinos, and improved safety and protection for online gamblers.

Reasons to Play at NJ’s Online Casinos

New Jersey - The Garden State

There are many reasons why online gaming is great for New Jersey. For people who live in the north of NJ, it can take over 3 hours to drive to Atlantic City, which makes it highly inconvenient for a few hours of gambling, even for NJ residents. To be able to access online casinos from your cell phone, tablet or PC means that everyone can enjoy gambling as long as you are physically located in New Jersey while you play.

Another great reason to play at NJ online casinos is that there is no limit to the number of games or tables on offer. In a land-based casino you are always restricted by space on the gaming floor but when playing online, there will always be an excellent games selection with open tables and slot machines. The variety is much more when playing online too, as online casinos can offer all the games from their chosen providers.

Playing at New Jersey online casinos also allows you to enjoy lower betting minimums than when paying in a land-based casino. In Atlantic City on weekends, most casinos have a $10 minimum bet on roulette, but when gambling in an online casino you can play roulette for as little as $1 per spin. This means you can have some lower wagering practice sessions and enjoy playing for longer as your bankroll will go further and players have less risk of losing large amounts on one spin.

The chances of winning at online casinos in NJ can often be higher than at land-based casinos. Online casinos have to compete against other online casinos and bricks and mortar casinos, so they need to offer more incentives, such as better odds and more side bets. Slot machines can often have a higher RTP (return to player) percentage than when playing in a land-based casino.

NJ Online Casinos VS Offshore Online Casinos

There are many differences between New Jersey’s online casinos and the offshore online casinos you will see advertised. The biggest difference between them is accountability. If you have a problem with your account in an offshore casino, they could simply stop replying to your messages and refuse to speak to you – the reality of this situation is that you have no recourse because the casino was illegal in NJ. This could cause many problems and you could lose a lot of money.

When playing at an online casino in NJ, if there is a problem there is a physical entity within the state with bank accounts and assets in the state. This means that, should you ever have a problem with the casino, there is real incentive for the casino to help settle the issue in an amicable way. This is why it is always important to ensure the online casino you choose to play at is located in NJ and legal to play at.

Other reasons why you should choose an NJ online casino include the fact that NJ online casinos are regulated by the same regulating body that oversees the casinos in Atlantic City. These regulations give you more protection and ensure the games are fair and results are random. It is also worth noting that your personal information is also protected by strict regulations and cannot be sold to third parties. NJ online casinos that sell their customers’ information risk losing their license.

Requirements for a NJ Online Casino

There are a number of requirements for casinos to operate in NJ. These are:

  • Only land based casinos licensed and located in Atlantic City are able to obtain a license to operate an online casino in NJ.
  • The online casino must be licensed by New Jersey.
  • The servers for the online casino must be located in Atlantic City.
  • Player deposits and casino money must be kept in separate accounts to ensure safety, security and protection for customers.

NJ Online Casino Player Requirements

When players ask: ‘Is online gambling legal in NJ?’ The answer is yes, but there are a couple of important player requirements. Although it is not a requirement to actually live in New Jersey to play at an online casino in NJ, you must be physically located in NJ while you are playing. The other important regulation is that players must be 21 or older to legally play at an NJ online casino.


Many players wonder ‘will my bank allow payments to and from an online casino if I don’t live in New Jersey?’ The simple answer is yes. Since online casino gambling is no longer against federal laws, banks no longer have a reason to ban transactions with online casinos. All transactions are totally legitimate. This makes it much easier for players to open accounts at online casinos and deposit money using a large selection of deposit and withdrawal methods. Banking methods include debit and credit cards, e-wallets and sometimes even mobile phone payments. Players need to check with the individual casino to ensure their preferred payment method is accepted. It is also possible to deposit money at one of the land-based Atlantic City casinos.

Do NJ’s Online Casinos Accept Bitcoin?

Currently no online casinos in NJ are accepting Bitcoin but most land based locations where you can deposit money into your online casino account have bitcoin machines.

Game Selection

The game selection at New Jersey online casinos is extensive and can include popular table games such as roulette, craps and blackjack, along with slot machines and progressive slots, exciting video poker options and other fun games like keno and bingo. You can also enjoy playing live dealer games, which let you play a variety of games streamed live from a casino and dealt by a real dealer. Live dealer games are great because they let you enjoy a realistic casino atmosphere and talk to the dealer, while playing alongside other players. The games selection at New Jersey online casinos is better than in the land-based casinos of Atlantic City because there are no limitations on gaming floor space and you will always be able to play your favorite slot, even if dozens of others are playing it at the same time.  The new legality of online sports betting in NJ means you can also often bet on sports from the same site.

What good has legalized online gambling done for NJ?

New Jersey has benefited enormously from legalizing online gambling. In the first year alone, a massive $30 million was raised in tax revenue, while the state recently surpassed $100 million in tax revenue just 3 and a half years after legalizing online gambling. The combined revenues of all online casinos in New Jersey now exceed the revenues of the three land-based casinos in NJ with the lowest revenues.

NJ gambling laws require that 1.25% of all revenues from land-based and online casinos is given to the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority that funds capital projects that help to create jobs and benefit the growth of Atlantic city. So far, this has helped to fund projects all over New Jersey, including new daycare centers, baseball stadiums, performing arts centers and YMCA centers. For example, the Lakewood Day Care Center received funding of $422,000 for construction, Woodbine Airport received $569,649 for the rehabilitation of its runway, and West New York Community Center received $478,000 for a renovation to construct an indoor sports and recreation center for children.

The revenues and taxes raised from legalized online gambling in NJ have transformed the state. The passage of bill A2578 has boosted Atlantic City’s economy and benefited NJ as a whole. Online casino websites have helped to boost the profile of NJ, even to people not living in the state and who don’t go to the land-based casinos in Atlantic City. Online casinos give a new way for gamers to reach Atlantic City and feel part of the exciting atmosphere, promoting the region and increasing tourism.

Now people can play online casino games for real money in NJ on their own computers, cell phones and tablets, everyone can get involved. This opens up the social world of online gaming to those unable to take the time to visit Atlantic City.

The strict regulations also make gambling online in NJ safer than ever. You can visit a legal online casino and know you are protected by the same laws that protect you in a land-based establishment. The introduction of legal online casinos means you no longer need to rely on offshore casinos and risk your money – you can gamble safely with your money, knowing you are always protected by the law.