A quick look online will show you that there are literally tens of thousands of online casino games to choose from. But once you realize that they are all variants of a core eight you will soon be able to find which ones you want to play – and how to figure out which ones will give you the biggest pay outs.

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Whether it is the traditional table games such as poker and blackjack – or the fast action fun of the slots – there is a lot to explore, especially if you are new to this exciting world. NJ online casino games are just as good as the real thing. Read on to discover how to play online casino games for real money.

Are Casino Games Rigged?

Many a disappointed player has at one time or another complained of casino games being rigged as a way of explaining another loss on the tables or on the slots. But the simple truth is that casinos don’t have to rig the games because there are simple devices built into them – online and in real life – that ensures that the house wins something.

The NJ Division of Gaming Enforcement would soon crack down on anyone who was criminally defrauding players – but the odds built into every game and slot machine means that the casino will always take a cut of the takings even if some people end up winning big jackpots.

Playing Online Casino Games in NJ

With the state of New Jersey allowing a number of different ways to gamble and play casino games it is a valid question to why you would not want to seek out the ‘real thing’ and take a trip to Atlantic City. Although a night on the Boardwalk is always a great experience the freedom to play whenever you want – and wherever you want – is a major factor in why more and more players are turning to online casino games.

Being able to play – and win big – from the comfort of your own home is a huge incentive to check out some of the sites that have an extensive list of casino games to choose from without you having to get in your car.

Gaming Machines

You may have heard of the term ‘gaming machine’ if you have read up on NJ online casino games. This refers to any casino games that were traditionally coin operated, single player and did not require a dealer.

Obviously casinos have changed dramatically over the years but there is still a clear distinction between the gaming machine type of games and the other games available.

Most gaming machines, even now, are reel-based – such as fruit machines, slots and jackpots. The other main types of casino games in Las Vegas or New Jersey – or wherever online casino games can be played – are the traditional table games, such as poker, roulette and blackjack. These classic games are usually played with, or against other people, and use a dealer.


One of the most popular areas of online casinos is the slots. Whether they are three reel, five reel, or have complex video components, the slots offer a quick and exciting way into playing for many people.

Traditionally these games were not much more than ‘one arm bandits’ where all that was needed to win was to match three of the same symbol. Now you can choose how many lines you want to play with and play games within games in the hope of a pay out. What they all come down to though is matching symbols – and their popularity doesn’t look like ending any time soon.

Video Poker

Although poker is seen as a classic casino game, the speed and simplicity of video poker means that it will always be regarded as one of the most popular areas of New Jersey online casino games.

Many people enjoy the drama and intrigue of a long drawn out poker game – but for a more speedy return video poker machines will always win out. You don’t have to hang around waiting for other players to decide on how they are going to bet, as it is just you against the computer.

In some ways they are much more like slots than the traditional game but they are more complex in the way the game is played – even if the outcome can be just as fast.


For an authentic game that was devised in New Jersey itself, Slingo has become popular around the world, fusing the game of bingo with elements taken from slots games to add to the excitement.

You can still play slingo in both Bally’s and Caesar’s in Atlantic City but there are plenty of opportunities to play this most New Jersey of all NJ online casino games on any number of internet sites.

Like bingo, a player needs to have their numbers come up and clear their card – but instead of a caller calling out the numbers, players spin to reveal them. There are other details to the game – and of the variants of slingo – but that is the main idea behind a truly original casino game.

Table Games

Traditional table games are what many people first think of when they hear the word ‘casino’. The glitz and glamour of James Bond movies may not always be the reality depending on the establishment, but the feeling of excitement is definitely there whether you play casino games in Las Vegas or online.

Table games, somewhat predictably, are those that need a table to play – as opposed to the gaming machines mentioned earlier. You will usually play against the house – either on your own or with other players – but that is not always the case. Here are some of the more common table games that can be found online.


Spin the wheel and predict where the ball will turn up. A huge favorite due to it being one of the casino games best odds provider, players have all kinds of systems for this game of chance.


Slightly similar to roulette but played with dice, this high energy game is another table favourite and can be found in any good online casino.

Card Games

For many it is either the slots or card games when it comes to online casinos. Poker, blackjack and baccarat are some of the most popular but there are plenty to choose from.


Sometimes known as 21, blackjack is a simple card game in which the player only has to beat the dealer’s hand – not the other players involved.


A classic table game in which players attempt to beat the house – or ‘banker’ – in a points-based system depending on the cards dealt.


Online poker is one of the most popular games to play in any casino. With the intrigue and hands of the traditional game, the online version allows players to hold multiple hands in a realistic environment.

NJ Live Dealer Games

One thing you will notice if you start to play New Jersey online casino games is the amount of sites advertising live dealers as a way of enticing you to register or sign up. This is exactly as it sounds – you play online but with real life dealers that can interact with your game as if you were in a bricks and mortar casino.

The advantages of playing with a live dealer when you are playing online casino games for real money is that you can follow the game completely – as you would if you were in an actual casino. Depending on the game, you can follow the ball on a roulette wheel, or see which cards are being dealt in a game of blackjack. If there are any misgivings about the honesty of New Jersey online casino games then the live dealer option should allay any fears.

Unlike real life casinos there is no waiting for a spot at a table when you are playing online – even with the live dealers. The sound effects and noises you can hear all add to the realistic experience and make it less like playing against a computer.

One disadvantage of choosing the live dealer option include having to wait longer to get through your games. Some people prefer the online casino experience because they can just get on with the game and play on their own so having a live dealer is not an attraction at all.

There is also not a great a choice of games when it comes to live dealer options on most casino sites as there is obviously a greater expense involved in running such an operation. This can lead to the minimum bet levels sometimes being higher than if you were in a real life casino – or even just playing a regular online casino game.

The main positive about live dealers is that it gives another option for the players – and if they enjoy that kind of online casino game experience then that has to be a good thing.

What Games Have the Largest Jackpots?

The reason why anyone plays online casino games for real money is to win big. Players may dream of big pay outs on the poker tables or even their number coming up on the roulette table giving odds of 35 to 1. But for the really big prizes pay outs and the casino games best odds it is the progressive slots that stand out.

Like regular slots these are games of chance where you need to match symbols in some combination depending on the game in question. But the difference here is that each time money goes into the game – and the jackpot is not won – the pay out grows. The jackpot is not fixed but grows every time until the lucky person wins.

Playing progressive slots in New Jersey can mean that money is pooled from all over the state – from all the people playing in the comfort of their own homes – and this means the eventual jackpot can be life changing. Some jackpots can be thousands of dollars but the biggest ones can be in the millions. The odds of winning on these progressive slots are just as big – but that jackpot amount can be very inviting.